What is Non Surgical Lipo ?

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June 24, 2019
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June 24, 2019

What is What is non surgical Lipo? To explain this alternative to traditional lipo or liposuction we need to explain what made lipo popular.

In the early 2000s Lipo Suction became known as quick fix for people who wanted to lose fat on their body on a permanent basis. The procedure was featured on many television programmes such “10 years younger” “Fat Club” and “Embarrassing Bodies” that dealt with body image and weight loss. However this procedure was usually done surgically which for some people was not an option and meant that it was something that was out of their reach plus, less publicised was the complications and the problems that arose. As a result, to tackle this issue and give clients an alternative option the Lipo machines and fat freezing procedure were developed for the open aesthetics market. These machines were safe to use on the high street and highly effective. The technology behind them is very simple – radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation.


Let me explain in simple terms. Ultrasound consists of sound waves at a frequency greater than that which we can hear (more than 20khz). Basically what this means is that when the ultrasound waves penetrate the affected area they shake up the fat cells and loosen thickened clumps increasing molecular signalling for lipolysis. During this process the water bubbles that exist in your body get filled with steam as the area warms up to the point where they get full and collapse hence flushing through the fat cells. The water also allows the fat to be transported out of the body either by digestion, urinary tract or through the liver.


This refers to electric vibrations within the radio waves. Radio frequency is used in medicine and aesthetics to heat tissue by causing molecular vibrations, there are 2 key application modes – Monopolar & Bipolar.

Monopolar, as the name suggests, is when only one electrode is used – this is not used in the machines. Bipolar is when the current flows between 2 electrodes and this is method that is widely used in the aesthetics industry. There is actually a third option which is multipolar. Multipolar is actually the most effective of the treatments where the current flows between multiple poles making the penetration depth of radio waves deeper and heating the area quickly for tightening.

Radio frequency heats the tissue at a depth of 5-10mm and this increases oxygen intracellular diffusion by heat. It enhances micro-circulation, promotes metabolism of fat cells, tightens collagen fibres and improves skin elasticity & firming.

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