Why choose a laser hair removal clinic?

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June 24, 2019

Why choose a laser hair removal clinic? I’m often asked details about our laser hair removal service by prospective clients looking for lasting hair removal, in relation to buying a machine on the high street and performing the procedure themselves.  There is often a perceived higher cost to receive the treatment from professionals like ourselves compared to a one off cost of buying a machine and trying to do it yourself but, in my opinion, you get what you pay for.

The laser hair reduction machines that we use in our clinic are classed as the best hair reduction equipment on the market and have won several awards for their innovative technology.  It takes a long time for the manufacturers to bring out these machines to the mainstream market as they go through a lot of research in order to be approved by different governing bodies before clinics like ours can actually start using them in our treatments.  This means that we know that we are using the best equipment available for our laser hair removal service.  The main body that passes the approval is the FDA and they are known worldwide as the gold standard in approvals for this type of equipment.  When I was invited to visit the Alma Lasers head office in Israel last year I was fortunate to see this process first hand and I can say that it really is very in-depth process that they have to go through.

When we look back over the past 20 years into the hair removal process, the technology was pretty basic in the early days and it could only treat a caucasian skin tone with dark hair. The results were inconsistent with varying degrees of success and the process took a very long time to complete.  There were some problems with individual reactions to the treatment too as some people suffered adverse reactions. However, as time went by, further research and development meant that the technology improved.  The Soprano machine soon followed which was the first ever machine to treat Black skin tone with darker hair. We as aestheticians have to go through intense training to understand how laser hair removal works, ranging from the technology involved to what hair types can be treated.  We also need to be very aware of any potential reactions that may develop so that we have a very robust and all round knowledge of the whole procedure.

The devices that are sold on the high street are not as powerful as the ones that we use in the clinic mainly because it’s too dangerous for untrained people to be using equipment like this at home.  One simple example is that we have to wear special eyewear when we perform the treatment whereas the devices that are used at home can be used without any goggles.  In addition, most of the home-based devices use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology which can give you hair reduction but takes a longer period of time, making it very similar to using an epilator. They are not strong enough to penetrate deeper into the hair follicles for them to be destroyed.  Our skilled clinicians must also learn and understand how much energy is pushed into the skin before it’s uncomfortable for the client, understanding how to treat different hair types, appreciate that there needs to be a different approach for different areas of the body and so much more. There is even a certified degree in laser hair reduction technology which is NVQ level 4.

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